To serve individuals and families in the poorest communities in the world
regardless of age, religion and background

Assalaamu Alaikum (Peace be upon you)

A’ishah Mavis Foundation is a small non-profit organisation and a registered Charity in England and Wales with the Charities Commission under Registration No. 1196263, working hard to help those in need.

Our History
A’ishah Mavis Foundation was formed in late 2018 when  Zaki’s (the Founder) mother passed away. The name A’ishah was very much liked by his mother and was named after she took her Shahada.

In 2019 we made it official to start a charity in the form of Sadaqah Jariyah for Zaki’s mother and all involved and start helping those in need and formed the A’ishah Mavis Foundation, ever since we haven’t looked back.

Our Aim
A’ishah Mavis Foundation have worked in Bangladesh, Syria, Tanzania, The Gambia and the UK to bring smiles to those that are less fortunate. Our work is spreading within the nations and the demands for aid which is making us to thrive to reach out. Our on the ground team and links are dedicated to deliver the projects to its full potential.

Our Duty

  • * A’ishah Mavis Foundation is in support of all individuals, families, and children from all background race and religious.
  • * Our purpose to support non-muslim is also in line with giving dawah to show the love of Islam.

We continuously thank Allah (swt) for giving us this opportunity and then we thank our donors who have helped this charity and given us their trust with their Sadaqah and Zakat donations.