During the month of Ramadan, The A'ishah Mavis Foundation and Work4ALLAH have come to an agreement to form a partnership going further to help those in need in Gambia. 

Work4ALLAH are a registered charity in Gambia and have been working hard on the field to help those in need for many years. 

We also welcome those who have supported Work4ALLAH for many years, The A'ishah Mavis Foundation and Work4ALLAH pray that we will continue to earn everyone's trust and support for many years to come.

Founder of Work4ALLAH, Fatima Stuart spoke about the partnership:

“2 Pillars-1 Foundation: Sometimes in life the best of houses are those with two pillars. The Foundation however is the most important. Aishah Mavis and Work4ALLAH have one common entity-both are built from reverts. Our aim is to serve others regardless of its owner. Given such a gift, the partnership enables our love of Deen within our work to expand together thus building the best of Services."

Founder of A’ishah Mavis Foundation, Zaki Thompson spoke about the partnership.

“Being able to further our opportunity to help those in need in Gambia and getting the support from Work4ALLAH who are currently working on the ground, it has increased our opporunity to learn more about how we can help and what we need to do to help.
Alhamdulillah there are many projects we are already doing together, but we are grateful that we can assist each other and work together on more to come."