We would like to thank everyone that has donated to the A'ishah Mavis Foundation since we have been formed, Alhamdulillah, together we have managed to work hard and achieve so much. 

This section is currently being updated, we would like to show you the galleries of our previous projects, some of our projects may still be running in our current appeals. We pray that you will continue to support us in the coming years inshaAllah

Masjid Flooring Project

£5 Eid Gifts

Bakwata Masjid - Tiling

Children's Ramadan

Blankets for Bangladesh

Food Parcels - Tanzania

Ramadan - Itfar in Bangladesh

Morogoro Masjid - Tanzania

Ramadan Appeal - Orphanage in Tanzania

Nyashishi Water Well

Qur'an Appeal - Tanzania

Nyashishi Masjid - Tanzania

Qur'an Appeal - The Gambia

Qur'an Appeal - Kenya

Blankets for Syria

Babati Madressah

Sponsor a Student

Sponsor a Teacher